2021 – 2022 school year has flown by and summer is just around the corner once again. In no time, the kids will be out of school — and if you are anything like us, you are ready to kick your summer off right!!
If you are looking for gift ideas? There is no need to question what to do on the last day of school for those special teachers and kids. We will help you with these gift ideas for your students, friends, and teachers!

We’ve gathered the best presents to celebrate the end of the school year. Now, get ready for an epic list of gifts.

1. Fun in the Sun Gift Bag: Spending some extra time outside this summer? This gift will have your child covered!

Sun-themed gift bag to start the last day of school activities. | The Dating Divas

2. School is Out Basket: Everything you could ever need in one place! It is perfect as an end of school year gift because the gifts inside can be used all summer long.

Last day of school activities and ideas  for all summer. | The Dating Divas

3. Bubble Over With Fun: The perfect sweet and simple end of school year gift tag. Pick up some bubbles at the Dollar Store and you are good to go!

Bubble gift tag for a last day of school activity. | The Dating Divas

4. “Orange” You Glad It’s Summer: Talk about adorable! I can think of SO many fun items to drop into this gift bag! {Orange swim goggles or this Nemo plush are just a few of the things that I have in mind!}

Create an orange gift to celebrate the start of the last day of school activities.  | The Dating Divas

5. “O’FISHally” the Last Day: The day wouldn’t be official without this yummy treat! Spread the end of school year joy by creating a little bag for your kid’s classmates too!

6. Last Day of School Basket: Start summer vacation the moment your kids walk through the door with this perfect end of school year gift!

7. Summer Boredom Box: Never hear “We’re bored!” this summer! You can use these as last day of school activities, but the fun won’t stop there. Gift it to your kiddos — or yourself! ;P

8. Summer Activities Coupon Book: Do you have some fun activities in mind that you would like to do with your kids this year? Wrap them all up into this activities coupon book and you are sure to have an amazing summer ahead of you!

9. Welcome to Summer Bucket: Get ready for summer today with this cute idea! Great for kiddos, or adapted for adults.

10. Couldn’t Have Picked Any Better: Every teacher will love this thoughtful gift on the last day of school.

11. Thanks for Helping Me Grow: Such a great idea! Not just another knick-knack, but something that will provide beauty!

12. Smart Cookie: Treats? Why yes, please! And how cute are the options for this adorable end of school year gift?!

13. S’more Basket: Give the gift of summer fun to your child’s teachers this year.

14. I’ve Had a Blast: Everyone will need a nice cold drink to cool them off at one point this summer. Make the first one on you!

15. Top Teacher Gift: Target gift cards will ALWAYS be a hit!

16. Summer in a Jar: Gifts in a jar always turn out so cute! This summer in a jar most definitely didn’t disappoint!

17. Bursting with Fun: Water balloons are a must this summer! Stock up the neighborhood by gifting them at your end of year party.

18. CHALK Full of Fun: Let the creativity flow with this fun gift idea! You are sure to have chalk murals in no time!

19. Kool Sumer: Kool-Aid with a twisty straw is what every kid pictures as the perfect summer cool-down beverage!

20. Have a GOO’d Summer: Gift your kids’ friends some goo for a fun, playful gift idea!

21. Rockin’ Summer: Pop Rocks are always a favorite treat!

22. End of School Candygram: An adorable end of school year candygram that is perfect for your little scholars.

23. “Let’s Play” Cards: Don’t miss out on extra playtime this summer! Make sure you stay in touch! Watch your children network like pros as they hand out their own “business cards.”

24. Gift Tag: Attach this cute tag to your child’s favorite treat and you are set! It’s nice and general which makes it great for all last day of school activities and aesthetics.

25. Jump for Joy: The last day of school is definitely a reason to jump for joy! A cute jump rope is a gift that keeps on giving — it provides time outside and exercise!

26. Soaking Fun Summer: These water guns will make this gift a hit!

27. Sponge Balls: Make every water party a little more fun this year!

28. Stay Silly: A simple and sweet goodbye to all of your kid’s friends. You could even invite them all over for an end of year silly string party!

29. Flippin’ Awesome Summer: Be sure not to miss this cute idea! We flippin’ love it! 😉

30. This Year Flew By: A gift that is sure to be used all summer long!

47. Summer Survival Kit: Each item you include in their end of school year gift is going to be so helpful during those summer months.

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